Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year 2009

2009, another new year quickly approaches to greet us with all of the challenges and opportunities of all the years past. As with the changing of every year, there is hope and there is unrest. As January 1st is about to present itself to each of us, we have the capability to create anew, a life that we have only dreamed of living. We have in front of us the opportunity to start fresh and to look with optimism and great joy the day that is tomorrow.
Have you ever looked and considered why New Years Day follows so closely after Christmas? I believe that the seven days between the two are given to us as a time of Celebration, reflection and preparation.
Celebration – It is obvious to most, the celebration of the birth of a child, God made flesh. A child, who will give us instruction for our lives and who will later sacrifice His life so that we may live. What a joyous occasion to join the world and celebrate the coming of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, our savior and God incarnate.
Reflection – During these seven days we have an opportunity to reflect on our lives and give consideration for how we may or may not be answering God’s call. God has given each of us unique talents that we are to share with all of His creation. This is a wonderful and peaceful time for us to look back and rethink the actions we took and the actions we walked away from over the past year. When or where did God place in front of you the opportunity to serve Him and what is it that you did with that opportunity?
Preparation – A week to prepare for a full year of living a Godly life. Not much time but in keeping with God’s plan this is ample time to organize your thoughts, to pray and listen for God’s call to you. Prepare yourself to be open and receptive to movement of the Holy Spirit in and around you. Soften you heart to be sensitive to the needs of the community of organizations and people that surround your life. Allow yourself to be forgiven, to be cleansed and healed emotionally, spiritually and physically so that you can go out into a word that needs your uniqueness and the talents that God has placed within you. God made the world with you in mind and it is made whole, when you participate and use the talents given to you.
So what does lay ahead for each of us, our family, our friends and our community? We will never know the answer to that question until the events of the year unfold in front of us. But what we do know is that God provides for those who come to Him and He is within the reach of all. The details of the events of days ahead will weigh you down, but when you turn to God for comfort, love, support and guidance in all you do, He will lift the burden of those details from your shoulders and bring peace and serenity into your life. Focus your attention on He who has prepared a place for you and will deliver you from worldly troubles and trials and He will give you peace and rest. This is what the future holds for you. The opportunity to find peace and rest in a world that can be hard and cold. The opportunity to have the comfort of the Father, the love of the Son and the strength of the Holy Spirit. This is our future. This is why we can optimistic for ourselves, our friends and our community. When we seek and find God among us, there will be nothing to fear. When we seek and find God among us, there will be hope and joy. Happy New Year to everyone, may the light and love of Christ shine bright through your eyes for all the world to see in 2009.